De morbis fœmineis, the womans counsellour: or, The feminine physitian. : Modestly treating of such occult accidents, and secret diseases, as are incident to that sex, which their too much modesty, too often to their sorrow, causes them to conceal from others, for a remedy whereof, they are here taught to be their own helpers; especially in these particulars: of barrenness and abortion: of natural, and unnatural births: of the suppression of the termes, the immoderate flux thereof, and other infirmities. Dicereque puduit, scribere jussit. With a brief appendix, touching the kindes, causes, and cures of dropsies, and tympanies of all sorts.

Alessandro Massaria, Robert Turner London : Printed for John Streater, and are to be sold by the booksellers in London, 1657

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