A short catechisme or the examination of communicants concerning their knowledge before they come to receive the sacrament of the Lords Supper, being according to the Ordinance of Parliament Octob. 20. 1645. Wherein is unfolded by question and answer, what he is to know, 1. Concerning God. 2. Concerning man. 3. Concerning the mediator. 4. Concerning the application of Christ & his benefits by faith, and what faith is. 5. Concerning those who do truely repent. 6. Concerning a godly life. 7. Concerning the sacraments, and more fully concerning the Lords Supper. 8. Concerning the state of men and women after death. It is desired that the scripture proofs be perfectly learned

London : Printed by John Macock, for William Ley, and are to be sold at his shop, at Pauls Chaine, 1646

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