Katabaptisai kataptysesoi. The dippers dipt. Or, The Anabaptists duck'd and plung'd over head and ears, at a disputation in Southwark. Also, a large and full discourse of their 1. Originall. 2. Severall sorts. 3. Peculiar errours. 4. High attempts against the state. 5. Capitall punishments. The seventh edition. Augmented with 1. Severall speeches delivered before this assembly of divines. 2. The famous history of the frantick Anabaptists. Their wilde preachings and practices in Germany. Together with an application to this kingdome; especially to London.

Daniel Featley London : printed by E.C. for N. Bourne, at the south-entrance of the royall Exchange, and R. Royston, at the Angel in Ivy-lane, 1660

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