The doctrine of our martyres remembred, concerning the Supper of the Lord: as it hath been partly published, in the opening and application of Luk. 22.19,20. Most humbly presented to the serious and seasonable considerations of the most orthodox and sincere Christians that mourn for, or that are stirred up, or called to be repairers of the breaches. In which, 1. A just, plain, and free way to the Lord's table, is so discovered, that all saints with the weakest of believers; notwithstanding any pretended distinguishing opinion, ought unitedly to communicate: proved by several reasons. 2. The profession in which all that communicate ought to acknowledge and therein to be united. 3. The greatness of the duty, and goodness of God, in ordaining and commanding of it. And how all Christian magistrates, ministers, and people, have zealously promoted the same, with some particular hymnes sung by Christians after they received. 4. A declaration, setting forth the evils, and judgements of God, in the undue observation, causeless separation and contempt thereof, and of the necessity of church-government, as a blessed means to remedy, &c. is also added for further information.

William Kaye London : Printed for Martha Harrison, at the Lambe in Pauls Church-yard, 1655

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