The land of Canaan as it was possessed by the twelve tribes, the promised land or whole Palestina. With all the townes and places which the scripture nameth in them are exactly set down. So that there is not the name of any city, town, countrey, mountaine, river, wildernesse, or plaine mentioned in scripture, within the land of Canaan, or in any countries about them, but are inserted, and in their true graduations observed. Their notations by scriptures and diversities of names whereby many of them are called. As also most of the chiefest actions happening in every severall tribe by figures marked, ... whereby they may be readily known and found. All tending. To make more plaine unto us the histories of the holy scriptures both in the Old and New Testament. Moreover a large description of the temple that Salomon builded, ... If any be desirous to finde out a towne in this map of the land of Canaan, let him looke it in the alphabet, and there he shall see in what longitude and latitude it lieth, which finding at one of the sides, and top of the map, ... and there you shall finde the place you desire

Thomas Lancton London : Printed by M. Simmons for Thomas Jenner at the South entrance of the Royall Exchange, 1652

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