Certain propositions sent by the States of Holland, to the lords embassadors of the common-wealth of England: wherein, they desire, that the ancient amity may be continued between both states; and that they may be aiding and assisting to each other, against all persons whatsoever, that shall be disturbant to them. Also, a discovery of several plots of divers English and Scotch Cavaliers; and their intentions to murther the Lord St John, Mr Fairfax, and young Dorislaus. With, the States of Hollands message to the Queen of Bohemia; concerning the uncivil behaviour of her son, Prince Edward, towards the lords embassadours and their followers: and the States Order he should be tried by a court of justice. Together with an exact diurnal of each days progress and preceedings, from the last of March, to the sixth of April. 1651. Published according to order

Edward Bill London : Printed by Robert Wood, 1651

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