The soap-makers complaint for the losse of their trade, by reason of a double excise laid first upon the materials they make their soap of; and then secondly, by reason of an excise of 4s. 8d. per barrel laid upon the soap after they have made it, ... With certaine proposals unto the parliament for the totall taking off the said 4s. 8d. per barrel; ... All which, are clearly demonstrated in the following petition presented to the Parliament the twenty fourth day of September, 1650. And in their joynt and avowed answer to the proposals of certain unworthy trade and liberty-destroying projectors. Which said answer was presented and read unto the Honourable the Committee of Parliament for regulating the excise, the 17 of October 1650. being subscribed by John Hayes, Alderman. Col. John Hardwick. Leiv. Col. John Lilburn. Simon Wedden. Tho. Poultney. Tho. Howlet. Tho. Woodstack. Edward Whitwel. Richard Cox. Rober Drinkwater. Jo. Baker. Roger Pears. All which, they have onely published for the better and clearer information of the judgments and understandings of every individual member of Parliament, ..

London : , Printed in the year 1650

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