A wonder of wonders. Being a faithful narrative and true relation of one Anne Green, servant to Sir Tho. Reed in Oxfordshire, who being got with child by a gentleman, her child falling from her in the house or office, being but a span long, and dead born, was condemned on the 14. of December last, and hanged in the castle-yard in Oxford, for the space of half and hour, receiving many great and heavy blowes on the brests, by the but end of the souldiers muskets, and being pul'd down by the leggs, and was afterwards beg'd for an anatomy, by the physicians, and carried to Mr. Clarkes house, an apothecary, where in the presence of many learned chyrurgions, she breathed, and began to stir; insomuch, that Dr. Petty caused a warm bed to be prepared for her, let her blood, and applyed oyls to her, so that in 14 hours she recovered, and the first words she spake were these; behold Gods providence! Behold his miraculous and loving kindness! VVith the manner of her tryal, her speech and confession at the gallowes; and a declaration of the souldiery touching her recovery. Witnessed by Dr. Petty, and licensed according to order

W Burdet London : John Clowes, 1651

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