Merlinus Anglicus, or, Englands Merlin: prophetically foretelling, severall remarkable occurrences that shall happen in England, Scotland, France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and severall other parts of Europe; this present year 1650. More particularly, concerning the Scots preparation, to advance against England, and the event and success thereof. The proceedings of the English Presbyterians, and the great blessings that will ensue, for the crowning of their endeavours. The conjunction and proceedings of the Danes, and Swedes, in relation to the affairs in England, ... A great blow in Ireland; ... The proceedings of the English commonalty, against divers lately in authority, ... Great fights at sea, between the English and the French, ... The proceedings of the yeomandray; and the taking off all heavy assesments, that doth retard, or hinder, the peoples liberty. With divers other remarkable observations, worthy the readers view and perusall concerning the English nobility, and gentry

A. M London : Printed by Robert Wood, 1650

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