Be it knowne and declared to all the world, that these ministers, members of the Assembly of Divines, whose names are under-written; in diametricall opposition, and directly contrary to the expresse letter of the Oath of Allegiance, protestation, and sollemne League and Covenant which they have all sworne with hands lifted up to the most high God, have perjuriously subscribed the late Engagement to be true and faithfull to the Common-wealth of England, as it is now established without King and House of Lords. Heare oh heavens, give eare oh earth, and be astonisht. Mr. Dalemarsh, Mr. Carter senior, Mr. Carter junior, Mr. Nye, Mr. Carill, Mr. Corbet, Mr. Bond, Mr. Lightfoot, Mr. Rayner, Mr. Dury, Mr. Stirry, Mr. Simson. Mr Chientine Since the former publishing this paper, the foure persons last nominated, members also of the Assembly, have likewise subscribed the said engagemeut [sic]. ... Reader, as thou wouldst not be a soule-murtherer, thou art intreated to let this paper stand for a warning to others

London : 1649

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