Two letters from William Basil Esq; Attorney General of Ireland; the one, to the Right Honorable, John Bradshaw, Lord President of the Councel of State: the other, to the Right Honorable William Lenthal Esq; Speaker of the Parliament of England, of a great victory obtained by the Parliaments forces in the north of Ireland, on the plains of Lisne-garvy, against the enemy there: wherein were 1400 slain, Colonel John Hamilton taken prisoner, and seventeen more of quality. With a relation of the taking of Dumcree; and of the surrender of Carrickfergus upon articles. Ordered by the Parliament, that these letters be forthwith printed and published. Hen: Scobell, Cleric. Parliamenti

William Basill London : Printed by John Field for Edward Husband, printer to the Parliament of England, 1649

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