A defiance to tyrants. Or The araignment of two illegall committees. viz. The close committee of Lords and Commons appointed to examine the London agents. And the committee of plundered ministers. In two pleas made by L.C. Lilburne prerogative prisoner in the the Tower of London. Wherein is clearely declared the unjustness, arbitrariness, and absolute unlawfulness of the late proceedings of that close committee of Lords and Commons against the London agents. And also, proving all the proceedings of the committee of plundered ministers in summoning and imprisoning severall citizens of London, for refusing to pay tythes, to bee an absolute subversion of the fundamentall lawes of the land, and treason of as high a nature as any the Earle of Strafford lost his head for; they making their will a law unto the kingdome; there being no law at all in the kingdome, whereby the London-Priests can claime tythes, or recover them from any of their parishoners

John Lilburne London : Printed for the information of all men, that are not willing to be Priests ridden and to the slaves to Tyrannie and oppression, Jan. 1648

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