A great victory at Applebey by Col. General Ashton October 9. 1648. Where were taken prisoners at mercy, Sir Philip Musgrave, Sir Thomas Tilsley, Sir Robert Strickland. Sir William Huddleston, Sir Thomas Dacres, Sir William Blackstone. 15 collonels, 9 lieutenant collonels 6 serjeant majors. 46 captains 17 lieutenants, 10 cornets 3 ensignes with a list of their names. 5 peece of ordance, 1200 horse. 1000 armes, and all their ammunition bag and baggage. October 16. 1648. This is a true list, a copy whereof was sent from Coll. Generall Ashton, and this day delivered to the Parliament

London : Printed for R. Smithurst, neer Pye-corner, 1648

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