The Kings Majesties joyfull letter to the City of London, read in the Honourable House of Commons, concerning his subjects of England; with his gracious letter, and earnest desires, to the House of Peers, concerning his subjects of Scotland; and their answer and proceedings thereupon: as also, their propositions to the Scottish nation, touching the desires of His Majesty; and a narrative of the proceedings of the treaty between the King and the commissioners, and their mutuall compliance, and happy agreement for peace; being joyfull tydings for all loyall subjects within his Majesties realms and dominions. Likewise, the declaration and propositions of His Majesties loyall and true hearted subjects of the English nation, to the representatives of this Kingdom, in the name of themselves and the whole nation, concerning the reign & government of their dread soveraign. Perused, and examined, by the originall papers, and ordered to be printed for generall satisfaction of the whole Kingdom. Signed by many thousands of His Majesties loyall and faithfull subjects

Charles I King of England London : Printed for R. W. and are to be sold near Temple-Barre, 1648

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