A declaration of the Parliament of England concerning their late endeavors, in a peaceable way, to remove all misunderstandings, and differences between the Common-wealth of England, and the kingdome of Scotland. Herewith is printed the last paper of the Scotch Commissioners, with the sense of the Parliament thereupon. Also the letter of the Parliament of England to the Parliament of Scotland, with their answer thereunto, which is answerd by this declaration. Die Sabbathi 14 Julii 1649. This declaration was read the first and second time, and upon the question passed. Ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, that the said declaration be forthwith printed and published. Ordered, that it be referred to the Counsell of State to see the said declaration printed. Hen. Scobell cleric. Parliamenti

London : Printed for Matthew Simmons dwelling in Aldersgate street, MDCXLIX. 1649

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