The declaration of Lieutenant Generall Cromwel concerning the citizens of London, and their high and strange expressions against the army; with his protestation touching the said city, and his resolution concerning the Northern expedition. Presented to the view of all His Majesties loyall and faithfull subjects within the kingdome of England and dominion of Wales. Also, the votes and resolutions of both Houses of Parliament, concerning the Kings Majesties letter for a personall treatiy, and their concurrence to his Majesties desires, for the Scots to joyn in the said treaty, and to have such servants are needful to attend His Royall person. Likewise, the recalling of the their former votes, concerning the King, and appointing five of the House of Peers, and ten of the House of Commons to treat with his Majesty in the Isle of Wight. Together with strange and terrible newes from Colchester, and the Scottish army

Oliver Cromwell ] : Printed for R.W. and are to be sold neer Temple Bar, 1648

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