The declaration and proposals of the estates of the Kingdom of Scotland, to both Houses of Parliament, and to all their brethren of England, concerning the necessity, grounds, and ends of their engagement, and their resolution to rescue his Majesty from his base imprisonment, to establish religion, disband all armies, and settle a wel-grounded peace within the Kingdoms of Scotland, England, and Ireland, that so the Kings Majesty may enjoy the comfort of His Royal consort and children, and that he may live a long and happy reign, and that there may not want one of his seed to rule over his people, so long as the sun and moon endureth. Likewise, Prince Charles sayling from Holland to the north of England, and his treaty with the Scots Lords, and the revolting of the town and castle of Portmsouth [sic], and seizing on all the ordnance, and ammunition for the King. And a great fight near Deal Castle

London : Printed for G.W. and are to be sold at the Royall Exchange, 1648

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