A remonstrance of His Highnesse the Prince of VVales, concerning his landing at Berwick in the north of England, and to march in the van of the English and Scottish army towards the City of London. Likewise His Majesties gracious resolution to his loving subjects, touching all those that desire a personall treaty, and his desire to free his subjects from all discontents whatsoever. And the proceedings of the House of Commons, concerning a personall treaty with the Kings Majesty ten miles from the City of Westminster. Also, the resolution of the Lord Inchiqueen to march into this kingdome with 2000. horse, and 4000 foot to assist the King against the Parliament, and the time of his landing in the west of England. Together with another fight in Kent, between the Duke of York his forces, and Colonel Rich, and the number slain and taken prisoners. As also the storming at Colchester, and a great and terrible blow given thereupon

Charles II king of England London : Printed for generall satisfaction of all loyall and true-hearted subjects, 1648

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