A new rising by divers knights, collonels, gentlemen, and others for the King. To assotiate the foure counties of Stafford, Worcester, Hereford, and Shropshire, with the names of the chiefe to surprise Hereford: also Sir Basill Brookes house, and Dawly Castle, and other places and a great fight between them & the Parliament forces, and the names of the officers taken prisoners. Certified in a letter from the committee of Worcester. Read in the House of Commons. Dated July 8. 1648. Also two castles in Yorkeshire taken for the King, by a party from Pontefrait, and a great fight at Ferry Bridge: with a list of those that were killed and taken. Certified by a letter from York, dated July 10. 1648

London : Printed for the generall satisfaction of moderate men, M DC XL VIII. 1648

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