The declaration of the high-sheriffe of York-shire, and of the Commander in Chiefe of the Parliaments forces in the north, and the rest of the gentlemen commissioners in that county of Yorke, the 19. of May 1648. Of their intentions to rise for the suppression of Sir Marmaduke Langdale, and Sir Philip Musgrave, and the forces under their command. Also, a message from Gen. Hales, to his Excellencey the Lord Gen. Fairfax, touching his holding out of conditions of uncertain mercy to the people, and the resolution of the Kentish army, to live and dye, and stand and fall together. Subscribed in the name, and by the appointment of the knights, gentry, and inhabitants of the county of Kent. Imprimatur Gilbert Mabbot

Edward Hales London : Printed by Iohn Clowes, MDCXLVIII. 1648

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