The remonstrance or representation of the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland, as it was presented to His Majesty. Wherein is contained a particular charge against his Majesty. As being the author and only cause of spilling the innocent blood of many thousand of his best subjects; as also a countenance of masse and idolatry, and a prophaner of the Sabboth, and the only person concluding the cessation of arms with the Irish rebels, and an embracer for the counsellers the lords enemies. Together with a letter from the Commissioners of the Kirk and Kingdom of Scotland, residing here at London, to his Majesties principal Secretary. Published by authority for the satisfaction of all his Majesties loyal subjects, and for the clearing of the Parliament in their proceedings.

London : Printed for Robert Bostock July 5. 1645. And now Reprinted for Giles Calvert, 1648

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