A letter to His Excellencie Sir Thomas Fairfax from Captaine Lieutenant Bray, concerning the charge and proceedings against him at a Councell of Warre, about the late differences in the Armie. With some strange discoveries or predictions by the said Capt. Leiut. Bray, in relation to the Generall, and some eminent Commanders of the Armie. Also a Letter of the Parliaments Commissioners, presenting the 4. bills to his Majesty, at the Isle of Wight, and his Majesties answer to the same. Together with the Declaration of the Commissioners of Scotland to his Majesty, against the 4. bills presented by the Parliaments Commissioners. Also a true relation of the designe and mutynie in the Isle of Wight, for carrying away of the King, the prevention thereof, and the Order of Parliament for securing hia [sic] Majesties person in Caresbrook Castle

William Bray London : Printed by Francis Leach, Anno Dom. 1647 i.e., 1648

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