The charge against the King discharged: or, The king cleared by the people of England, from the severall accusations in the charge, delivered in against him at Westminster-Hall Saturday last, Jan. 20. by that high court of justice erected by the Army-Parliament; which is here fully answered in every particular thereof. Viz. The Parliaments propositions to the King. The Kings to the Parliament. The Kings condescentions to the Parliaments propositions. The overture of a treaty at Windsor. The massacre in London by vertue of the Kings commission. The coronation oath. The private articles, match with Spaine, and the match of France., King James death, Rochel. The German horse, loanes, and conduct money, privy seales, monopolies. Torturing our bodies, and slitting noses. The long intermission of Parliaments. The new liturgie sent to Scotland, calling and dissolving the short Parliament. The summoning this present Parliament. The Queens pious design, commissions to popish agents. The bringing up the northern Army. The Kings offer to the Scots of the plunder of the city. The Kings journey into Scotland. The businesse of Ireland solely cleered. The cloathes seized by his Majesties souldiers. The Kings letter to the Pope. The Kings charging the Members with his coming to the House. The list of armes and ammunition taken in his papers. ... The calling the Parliament at Oxford. The cessation in Ireland. The peace made there. The Kings protestation against popery. The letters to Marquesse Ormond

Printed in the first yeere of Englands thraledome 1649

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