A False Jew: or, A wonderfull discovery of a Scot, baptized at London for a Christian, circumcised at Rome to act a Jew, re-baptized at Hexham for a believer, but found out at Newcastle to be a cheat. Being a true relation of the detecting of one Thomas Ramsey, born of Scotch parents at London, sent lately from Rome by a speciall unction and benediction of the Pope; who landed at Newcastle, under the name of Thomas Horsley, but immediately gave himselfe out for a Jew, by the name of Rabbi Joseph Ben Israel, Mant. Hebr. soon after baptized at Hexham, by Mr. Tillam, and by a speciall providence of God, found out by the magistrates & ministers of Newcastle upon Tine, to be an impostour and emissary of Rome, and since sent up to the General and Councell of State to be further enquired into

Thomas Weld Printed at London : for Richard Tomlins, at the Sun and Bible at Pie Corer sic, 1654

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