The dividing of the hooff: or, Seeming-contradictions throughout Sacred Scriptures, distinguish'd, resolv'd, and apply'd. For the strengthening of the faith of the feeble, doubtfull, and weake, in wavering times. Also, to bring the soule (by prayer and spirituall application) into more familiar acquaintance with the Lord Jesus, the onely Davids-key, to unlock the cabinet of Jacobs God, to fetch out that secret, why he should lay his hands thus crosse when he gave his children this blessing? Helpfull to every houshold of faith. By William Streat, Master of Arts, preacher of the Word, in the county of Devon

William Streat London : Printed by T.H. for the author, & are to be sold by W. Sheers at the Bible in Pauls Churchyard, 1654

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