The Army anatomized: or, A brief & plain display of the humble, honest and religious actings of the General Sir Tho. Fairfax, and his army of saints, toward the good of the King and Parliament, and the whole kingdom, since the famous victory, at Naseby, June 14. 1645. Occasioned upon the serious consideration of 4 Scripture-properties of every true saint and Christian soldier. 1. Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you ('tis our Saviors own Golden-Rule) even so do ye unto them. Mat. 7. 12. 2. Not to do any evil (a general Rule, which admits of no exception, either in Kings, or in Commanders) that good may come thereof. Rom. 3.8. 3. To abstain from every appearance of evil; much more from every apparent evil. 2 Thes. 5. 22. 4. Do violence, or wrong, to no man; neither accuse any man falsly. Luke 3.14. Now, how Sir Tho. Fairfax's army of saints and Christian soldiers have performed all these, or any of these, shal be faithfully and plainly declared, in 20. following observations.

Loyal lover of peace and truth London : , Printed in the year, 1647

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