A reply to Mr. VVilliam Prinne, his unsafe, uneasie, dangerous, &c. expedient, for the concord, unity, and settlement of these nations, by restoring the ancient nobility, part of the old decripit, decayed, and gray-headed tyranny, usurpation, and oppression upon the bodies, and consciences of every poor subject, who have been formerly as Balaams asse, being made slaves at their lusts and pleasures, but now have kicked their masters off. Together with a few directions to the persons now in authority, opening a door to peace, righteousnesse, and prosperity, by buillding upon that little stone, which hitherto hath been refused by the builders, but is chosen of God and precious

London : printed for Francis Smith, and are to be sold at his shop, at the Elephant and Castle near Temple-Bar, 1659

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