The humble proposals of Mr. Owen, Mr. Tho. Goodwin, Mr. Nye, Mr. Sympson, and other ministers, who presented the petition to the Parliament, and other persons, Febr. 11. under debate by a committee this 31. of March, 1652. for the furtherance and propagation of the Gospel in this nation. Wherein they having had equall respects to all persons fearing God, though of differing judgements, doe hope also that they will tend to union and peace. With additionall propositions humbly tendred to the Committee for propagating the Gospel, as easie and speedy means for supply of all parishes in England with able, godly, and orthodox ministers. For, setling of right constituted churches, and for preventing persons of corrupt judgements, from publishing dangerous errours, and blasphemies in assemblies and meetings, by other godly persons, ministers, and others

John Owen Printed at London : for Robert Ibbitson, 1652

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