The life and death of Philip Herbert, the late infamous knight of Barkshire, once Earle of Pembrock, Moungomerie, &c. who departed from this life to another January 23. 1649. Having, by a degenerate basenesse, betrayed his nobilitie; and entred himselfe a commoner, amongst the vere scum of the kingdom. Likewise a discourse with Charon in his voyage to Hell. With his araignement, tryall and condemnation, before the three judges, ¥acus, Minos and Raddamanthus. Also the entertainment and welcome made by his brethren, Pym, Dorislaus, Raynsborough, &c. with an ample testimonie of their rejoycing at his Lordships arivall

London : , Printed in the first yeere of Phil. Harbert's infernall-captivity, and I hope the last of state-tyranny. 1650

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