Here are several queries put forth in print for all, or any of you whose names are here under written, (and likewise for them at Cambridge and Oxford, ... or any other of your societies that will answer the same) and return your answer in print, to the view and satisfaction of many people; who are now questioning whether any of all your practises do proceed from the true foundation. For Robert Gell. Doctor of Divinity so called, who formerly preached to the Society of Astrologers; as witness his book called Stella nova. William Lilly. Student in astrology. John Booker. Student in astrology and physick. Richard Sanders. Student in the divine, laudible and celestial sciences, as he calls it. Vincent Wing. George Wharton. Or any other of the astrologers to answer. And likewise for Francis Prujan. John King. Charles Scarbrough. George Bates. Lawrence Wright. Jonathan Goddard. And Richard Barker. Doctors of Physick; and to the rest of that society to answer.

George Fox, Henry Clark London : Printed for Giles Calvert, and are to be sold at his shop, at the sign of the Black-spread-Eagle, at the west-end of Pauls, 1657

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