Sathan inthron'd in his chair of pestilence. Or, Quakerism in its exaltation. Being a true narrative and relation of the manner of James Nailer (that eminent Quaker's) entrance into the city of Bristoll the 24. day of October, 1656. With one man going bare-headed before him: and two women; one on one side, another on the other side of his horse, holding the reines, and leading him. Singing, Hosannah, and Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Israel. Together with some blasphemous letters found about him, with their examinations thereupon, in this city, and other considerable passages, and observations. Whereto is added a vindication of the magistrates and inhabitants of this city, in reference to the nestling of these Quakers amongst us. With a declaration of the occasion, rise and growth of them in this city.

Ralph Farmer London : Printed for Edward Thomas, and are to be sold at his house in Green-Arbor., 1657. i.e. 1656

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