Englands discoverer; or The levellers creed. Wherein is set forth, their great and unparralell°d [sic] design against the twelve famods [sic] companies of the city of London, viz. The mercers. Grocers. Drapers. Marchant-taylors haberdashers. Goldsmiths cloth-workers. Fishmongers. Vintners. And the rest. And all other trades, mysteries, arts and callings whatsoever, within the cities of London, Yorke, Lincolne, Glocester, Bristoll, Excester, with the rest of the market townes, corporations, and villages, within the territories of England, and domini- [sic] of Wales. Published by speciall authority, to undeceive the people, thå [sic] like being never heard of in all former ages

London : Printed for G. Wharton; and are to be sold at the Royall Exchange in Corn-hill, 1649

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