Englands dolefull lamentation: or The cry of the oppressed and enslaved commons of England: set forth in two severall petitions, the one delivered to his Majesty June 15. 1647. The other presented to his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax Generall, and to the honourable commanders in chief, and to the whole body of that pious and victorious army: with two severall petitions formerly exhibited to the High Court of Parliament. From all their brethren and enslaved fellow commons of England; and from the distressed in the several goals and prisons, (for an unlimited time) within this kingdome of England and principality of Wales, imprisoned for debt, and other unjust illegall restraints. Wherein is set forth many horrid notorious inhumane acts of cruelty ..

London : , Printed in the year of the truely-hoped-for reformation of Englands oppressions and horrid deformation. 1647

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