A declaration from His Excellencie Sr. Thomas Fairfax, and his Councell of Warre. Concerning their proceeding in the proposalls, prepared and agreed on by the Councell of the Armie, to be tendred to the Commissioners of Parliament, residing in the Army, and with them to be treated on by the Commissioners of the Army. Together with the heads of the said proposalls, containing the particulars of their desires, in pursuance of their former declarations and papers, in order to the clearing, and securing of the rights, and liberties of the kingdome, and the setling of a just and lasting peace. To which are added some further particular desires, for the removing, and redressing of divers present pressing grievances, being also comprised in, or in necessarie pursuance of their former representations and papers appointed to be treated upon

Fairfax Baron London : Printed by Matthew Simmons., 1647

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