Severall papers from His Excellency Sr. Thomas Fairfax, and the armie under his command, delivered to the Commissioners of Parliament and city at Alisbury [sic], July 23. 1647. Occasioned by a late petition and engagement of some citizens, commanders, officers, and souldiers of the trained bands and auxiliaries &c. Being the last and most d[e]sperate designe against the kingdome and army. With a copy of the engagement. Also, a proclamation from his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, against the entertaining of cavaliers in the armie. By the appointment of his Excellency Sr. Thomas Fairfax and his Councell of Warre. Signed Io. Rushworth Secr

Thomas Fairfax Fairfax London : Printed for George Whittington, at the Blew Anchor in Cornhill, neare the Royall Exchange, 1647

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