Prima pars. De comparatis comparandis: seu iustificationis Regis Caroli, comparatè, contra Parliamentum. Or The first part of things compared: or Of the iustification of King Charles comparitively against the Parliament. Wherein is manifested, that by the cunning contrivance of a wicked party in the House of Commons, who by their fraud, and subtilty, deceive and seduce the major part of the House for their own ambitious ends, our oppressions have been made far more grievous, then they were in the Kings dayes, the course of justice, and reliefe of grievances, is obstructed, and our troubles and pressures are still continued. ... With the names of the heads, of the usurping faction, and advice to all the free men of England, to beware of them, and to take a speedy course to remove and expell them, together with an intimation of a way to effect the same

Amon Wilbee Oxford, i.e. London : , Printed in the yeare, 1647

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