A new found stratagem framed in the old forge of Machivilisme, and put upon the inhabitants of the county of Essex. To destroy the army under his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, and to inslave all the free-born of England on a sudden: manifested and laid down, in certain animadversions, upon a clandestine, illegall petition, contrived, made, and privatly printed, by a destructive party in London: and then by them sent down to the ministers of the county of Essex, to publish as on the last Lords day, 4. April, to the people, with directions to take their subscriptions in two sheets of paper: which being done: so many of the subscribers as can, are to be desired to meet at Stratford Langton, the 18. instant Aprill, and so to come and present the same to both Houses, as the petition and sense of the whole county :whereas it was never propounded to the county, nor ever heard of among them, before it came down ready in print, from London, to be published by their ministers, in there severall parishes. With certain observations and cautions on the same, conducing to the information, and publick good of the whole Kingdome

London?] : Published principally for the meridian of the county of Essex, but may serve for all the counties of England, 1647

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