Jus divinum regiminis ecclesiastici: or, The divine right of church-government, asserted and evidenced by the holy Scriptures: according to the light whereof (besides many particulars mentioned after the preface) 1. The nature of a divine right is delineated. 2. The church-government which is of divine right is described. 3. This description in the several branches of it is explicated and confirmed. 4. The divine right of ecclesiastical censures, officers, and ruling assemblies is manifested. In all which it is apparent, that the Presbyteriall government, by preaching and ruling presbyters, in congregationall, classicall and synodall assemblies, may lay the truest claim to a divine right, according to the Scriptures. The second edition corrected and augmented in many places: with a brief reply to certain queries against the ministry of England: and an alphabeticall table to the whole annexed.

London : Printed by J.Y. for Joseph Hunscot and George Calvert, and are to be sold at the Stationers Hall, and at the Golden Fleece in the Old Change., 1647

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