The temple measured: or, A brief survey of the temple mystical, which is the instituted church of Christ. Wherein are solidly and modestly discussed, most of the material questions touching the constitution and government of the visible church militant here on earth. Together with the solution of all sorts of objections which are usually framed against the model and platform of ecclesiastical polity, which is here asserted and maintained. In particular here are debated, the points of so much controversie, touching the unity of the church, the members of the church, the form of the church, and church covenant, the power of the church, the officers of the church, and their power in church-government, the power of magistrates about the church, and some church acts, as admission of members, and other things set down in the table before the book.

James Noyes London: : Printed for Edmund Paxton, and are to be sold at his shop in Pauls chain, over against the Castle Tavern neer to the Doctors Commons., 1647. i.e. 1646

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