The Kings march with the Scots, and a list of the names of 3. Lords, 12. knights, 6. great officers, and 3. doctors of divinity, with other gentlemen that submit to the Parliament upon the surrender of Newarke. Where wee tooke on Friday last, May the 8. 1646. 1. great peece of ordnance, called sweet-lips. 2. great peece of ordnance more. 2. morter peeces, and divers small guns. 4000. armes, and 40 barrels of gun-powder. Many thousand weight of bullet, and all their ammunition and provisions, and all their bag and baggage. These being examined by the originall papers, are commanded to be printed, and are published according to order of Parliament

S. R London : Printed by Elizabeth Purslow, May 11. 1646

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