A great fight at Newarke: where the Lord Sinclares regiment beat 1000. foot and 400. horse, and drave them into Newark. Where Lieu. Gen. David Lesley, Major Generall Poyntz, and Colonell Rossiter, and all their chiefe officers, and all their quarters in the isle were surprized: with the particulars of Captains and others kild and hurt on both sides. The governours treaty with the commissioners, and his motion of surrender of Newarke, if they will not accommodate him better. Also the manner of the taking the city of Lichfield by Sir William Brereton, and how hee hath driven Bagot and 1000 horse and foot into the close, with the particulars, and how many slain on both sides. Certified by a letter from Colonell Rossiter, and an other from one of the commissioners, and the third from Sir William Breretons quarters in Lichfield: commanded to be printed and published according to order

Edward Rossiter London : printed for Matthew Walbancke, 10 March 1645. i.e. 1646

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