A strange and wonderful example of Gods judgmenents [sic], shewed upon Iames Brathwaight of Shoreditch, London, 1645. Shewing how he was twice buried, and the last time layed three foot deeper than before, and another layed upon him; yet the grave was opened as before, and his body eaten and torn to pieces with dogges, and the other corps not touched. Also, a relation of the life and conversation of the said Iames Brathwaight, his fearfull vowes, oaths, and imprecations; the manner of his death, and how the grave was opened in the night. With the confession and acknowledgement of his wife, and many un-heard of passages, which will be maintained to be true, by the wife of the said Iames, the clerke of the parish, the sexton, the grave-maker, William Pillips a gardiner and many other persons of note

London : Printed by B.A., 1645

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