A full relaton [sic] of the takinng [sic] of Bath by Sir Thomas Fairfaxes forces on Wednesday the 30th. of July, 1645. With the manner of the same, and the articles by which it was surrendred. And how Colonell Rich hath taken 100. garrison souldiers. 100. Welchmen. 6. peeces of ordnance. 200. muskets. 100. pikes. 10. barrels of gunpowder. 10. barrells of ammunition 1. staderd colours. 5. colours more, and good store of bullet, match, ammunition, bag and baggage. Also sixe peece of ordnance taken by Sir Thomas Fairfax, that the enemie had hid, 4000. weight of match also taken, and 44. barrells of powder. Printed, and published according to order

London : Printed by Barnard Alsop, and Jane Coe., 1645

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