Horrible newes from Hull¨ VVherein is declared how the Kings Majesty, attended by the prince and 400. horsemen, and 700 footmen are gone to besiege Hull. Likewise foure of the Kings ships under the command of the Palsgrave, and the Earle of Danbie, which have endeavoured to mount ordnance against the said towne on the other side of Humber. Also His Majesties resolution to take up armes against all those that shall oppose him. With many remarkeable passages concerning the last meeting of the gentry and commonalty of Yorkshire on Thursday last the 7. of Iuly. Whereunto is annexed a remarkable report concerning the Lord Digbie. Ordered that this be printed and published. Io: Browne, Cler. Parl

London : Iuly, 11. London, Printed for J. H. and T. Ryder, 1642

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