The subject of supremacie. The right of Caesar. Resolution of conscience. Wherein are three questions handled: viz. 1. Whether the King without the Parliament may take up armes, and in the time of it fight with friends or foes, as having the law of armes in his owne power, and no law else? 2. Whether the Parliament without the King may take up armes to defend themselves, and kingdome, against delinquents, invaders, and forces raised in, or out of the kingdome? 3. Whether the people by command of either to assist the one, and resist the other be rebells? And may serve as a replication to the reply of Dr. Ferne, concerning free subjects; a faithfull councell, a royall King, and loyall people; placed by this author as slaves, a faction, a tyrant, rebells, in his ignorance of jurisdiction, legall, and naturall preservation

London : Printed for Ben: Allen, and are to be sold at his shop in Popes-head Alley, 1643

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