An admiration by way of answer to the petition of the rebells in Ireland. To all true hearted Protestants, why the rebells in Ireland should petition to his Majesty to transport themselves into England to ayd and assist him, and by strength to carry on his designes untill they arrive at a prosperous end, and that they joyning with the papists here in England, which are a great and considerable number, doe not doubt but to curbe the insolencies of the Protestants. Whereunto is adjoyned the exact coppy of the petition to the Kings Majesty by the rebells in Ireland, subscribed by 11. lords, and others of quality; examined by the originall by a person of honour there, being intercepted, was sen [sic] over to two Members of the House of Commons Dated the 17. of August, 1642

Printed at London : for Thomas Homer, 1642

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