The expert doctors dispensatory. The whole art of physick restored to practice. The apothecaries shop, and chyrurgions closet open'd; wherein all safe and honest practices are maintained, and dangerous mistakes discovered; and what out of subtilty for their own profits they have indeavoured to reserve to themselves, now at last impartially divulged and made common. Together with a strict survey of the dispensatories of the most renowned colledges of the world ... Containing, ... the Latine names of all simples and compounds English'd. ... the vertues, qualities, properties, quantities, and uses of all simples and componnds [sic]. ...the way of prescribing remedies; ... the nature, qualities, and symptomes of all diseases ... cautions for the applying all both internal and external medicines. To which is added by Jacob a Brunn ... a compendium of the body of physick; wherein all the medicaments vniversal and particular, simple and compound, are fitted to the practice of physick; and these forms of remedies now before prescribed by the famous P. Morellus, ..

Pierre Morel, Johannes Jacobus Brunn, Nicholas Culpeper London : Printed for N. Brook at the Angel in Cornhil neer the Royal Exchange, 1657

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