The cavalliers advice to his Maiesty, with his Majesties answer to their desires, together with his intentions for the avoyding of my Lord of Essex his approach neere his person. Also certain propositions propounded by the cavalliers unto his Majesty, with his answer to the same; which being not correspondent to their desire, therefore many of them left him: all which truly gathered and compacted out of a letter sent from Coventry to a citizen of London. VVith the relation of Oxford schollers, shewing how many of them were taken, and how they were taken, by London troopers: together with the designe they thought to have used at Christ-Church gate to our souldiers, and how they were prevented. Likewise the resolution of two hundred Scots landed at Dover Castle, with their witty inventions used to the overthrow of many of the cavalliers

Printed at London : for Thomas Banks, 1642

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