His Majesties resolution concerning the setting up of his standard. Together, with the resolution of certain noblemen, who were present with His Majestie at York. Who when His Majestie resolved to set up his standard at York, did disswade him from it; and rather then they would contenauce [sic] His Majestie in that resolution, left His Majestie, and would have come for London. Also, Sir John Bankes his perswasion, for His Majesties return to London. His Majesties consent at the first, but afterwards his refusall. Together with an order from the House of Peers, concerning the stopping of all kinds of ammunition. Joh. Brovvn Cler. Parl

Thomas Andrews London : Iune 18. Printed for I. Thompson and A. Coe, 1642

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