An exact of Lievtenant Generall Middletons letter: To the honourable Sir William Waller. And by him communicated to, and read in the honourable House of Commons, on Saturday last, being the 24. of this instant moneth of August. 1644. Wherein is set forth a victory, obtained against the enemy by a partie of horse and dragoones, under the command of Captaine Fincher, Quarter-Master Generall to Sir William Waller, at Farrington. Wherein were taken, slaine and dispersed neere 600. horse and foot of the enemy; as also a list of the names of the officers that were taken, with many other particulars in that great defeat. And withall, how one Captain Blunt a papist, killed most cruelly a godly minister, which captain, was with many others, there taken prisoners in this fight

Middleton Earl of London : Printed according to order, by G. Bishop, August 28. 1644

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